A poem from the early 2000’s

I was speaking with a Facebook friend a few months back and told him that I had a few poems published years ago. So here is one that I had published called “Every Moment.”

Sunshine, moonlight, and stars light the sky
such beauty surrounds us and I cannot say why

Sometimes it’s cloudy and rain fills our life
but when it’s all over, the rainbows survive

There’s love, hate, day and night
there’s me and there’s you, that just can’t be right

The word should be us and not me and you
that’s how it should be; “us,” me and you

No more rain or clouds from now on
we’d see only rainbows, the rain would be gone

I can’t see a rainbow, the clouds will not lift
a rainbow, a star to give as a gift

When the rain stops and the sun shines
I’ll enjoy every moment, as though it were mine.


I believe I wrote this around the year 2000. 🙂

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